Inside IKY

The sound of Alternative Metal songwriting, and hard crunching instrumentals. Coming from four different backgrounds It Kills You was formed in 2022 from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. On May 27, 2022 they dropped their first Debut single called ‘ Unseen ‘. The song it self will get stuck in your head with its catchy singalong chorus, riffs and lyrics. On November 12th of 2022 the band released their full Ep called “ Worse Than What You Expected Better Than You Hoped For “ worldwide on all music platforms. Diving into 2023 the sound of It Kills You will stay the same but with a twist. As of now the band currently went through a line change up and are working on their first full length album and within the new album in the works the structure will consist of your heart felt killers and heavy hitters. As 2023 is almost over It Kills You dropped two new concept singles called LEECHES & Ashes 2 Nails  to give you a taste of what’s to come next for them. To end the year the band collaborated with artist known as STARLIGHT BOY who put a different approach towards one of their tracks off their Debut EP called ‘ Too Late For Comfort ’. The new year is here and the band is overwhelmed with excitement and can not wait to reveal the new direction they are taking. 


The new year has started and the band have been working on the new album and new single's soon to be released. Momentum is in their hands as the beginning of this year they went through a departure with the guitarist David Locke, he's off pursuing his new career and the band supports him and wish him the very best. Starting  on March 11th in Lawton, OK David Locke will play his last show with the band. As their are only two original members in the band, It Kills You has a new lineup in the works for the future. As 2023 is almost at its end the band will play their last show of the year in their hometown, then will be strictly writing for potential the rest of 2024 with some surprises in the works. 2025 will be a whole new ball game as the band has a lot in store.